Don’t hold the phone @This Morning, I won’t be taking the job!

This time last week, together with the fantastic Gabriela Hersham , co-founder of Huckletree , we hosted the Flexible Space Association Annual Conference & Exhibition 2023.


were over 200 attendees from the sector and over 50 operators represented covering the four corners of the UK and further afield.

I don’t need to tell you – the sector is thriving. And in part it is doing so because employers are shifting their view on what the office is, there is a willingness to create satellite offices or offer membership to attract and retain employees.

There is also the opportunity for employers and employees to stay in regional towns and cities – and get on. It was fantastic to hear from Emma Hardy MP about the growing tech and renewable sectors in Hull.

But what’s next?

There were two challenging discussions on valuations and business rates, both of equal impact, with shared solutions of the sector working together. I know that Jane Sartin is leading the charge in supporting this.

Big thanks for coming!