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Can flex offices reactivate grey space? – EG

Problem: too much unused space in the office (aka grey space)? Solution: renting it out? Well, yes that’s great but don’t forget the lease’s alienation clause – which restricts subletting. It doesn’t completely rule it out though, but subletting may be viewed as...

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Town Centre Revival – Repurpose with purpose – The Planner

Our Town Centres are in trouble: town planners, developers and councils need to think creatively to make sure they don’t become extinct. There is hope. Town centres need to be viewed as a whole, fed by mixed uses which work to complement each other, not a series of...

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Predictions on Tech Trends That Will Shape 2022 – TechRound

Tech is really transforming our lives: if you had told me 2.5 years ago that I’d be doing business with a client in New York, London and Newquay all within 2 hours whilst sat in front of my computer, I would have laughed you out the room; however, this is the new...

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Predictions for 2022 – Property Week

Essential reading for those across the Property sector from Property Week – Predictions for 2022. Exploring high-streets, residential development, commercial deals and talent concerns. I’m optimistic about the year ahead, my thoughts have been included in the piece,...

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